House & Building Insurance

When do you need residential property insurance?

If you own an apartment, house or other habitable property as an owner or if you are building such a property.

Why is the correct valuation of residential property insurance so important?

There are various models for determining the value of residential property insurance, but it is crucial that all information is correct while application. Here, attention should be paid to the number of square meters of living space, the type class of the building, type of versions of the equipment (high-quality sanitary facilities, doors, windows, floors, etc.), number of garages, carports, solar or other installations.

When do you lose coverage of the Home / residential property insurance

If this is missing, or if only 120m² is specified instead of 150m² of living space, the insurer can significantly reduce the claim payment or, in the worst case, appeal against the contract and withhold the premium already paid and refuse to pay the claim.

That is why it is important not to save money at the wrong area, but rather to look for an insurer who offers coverage at an acceptable price with customer favourable terms & conditions.

How we ensure that you have proper Home insurance cover

We advise you as an independent insurance broker and expert in the field of residential building insurance and find the optimal solution for you.

Therefore, we do not blindly accept the data from a preliminary contract, since our 20 years of experience have shown that 80% of the residential property insurance we have seen had been incorrectly calculated or had insufficient insurance cover. In this way we avoid taking over and continuing errors that have already been made.

As a Claim Pro Broker, you get a residential building insurance that pays all insured damage, we advise you based on the terms and conditions, not on the cheapest premium, because in the event of a claim, it will not be about € 100 a year that you saved, but possibly about 300,000 € that you do not get and are left without a house, you may still have to pay back to the bank.

What is covered in the Home insurance?

The building is insured against fire, tap water, storms and hail risks. Additional inclusions from rainwater damage can also be insured. Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems are selected. Also included are garages on the property, if necessary, also adjacent buildings and swimming pools.

We recommend covering additional risks in addition to the standard cover like:

  • Surge damage is covered up to the full amount insured
  • car crash
  • Expenses for the clearing of fallen trees
  • Extended insurance for water supply and heating pipes on and outside the insurance property (depending on the legal rules of each state)
  • Loss of rent for non-commercial and commercially used rooms covered up to 36 months
  • Non-contributory fire shell insurance up to 12 months
  • Protection against natural hazards recommended according up to level 2

Request of Home insurance offers

If you like to receive offers from different insurers for the Home insurance, please fill out the following request form:

  • Building insurance / Home insurance
  • Contact information

Contract period one year

Start of insurance cover

Coverage for a

What kind of companies are close to the building (15 meter around)?

Streetname and Housenumber

Postalcode, Cityname

How much m² of living space does the apartment / house have?

Baujahr des Gebäudes

1914 value of the building

Alternatively, new value of the building (what would it cost to rebuild the house?)

Is the house under monument protection?

Has the building been completely renovated (electrics, water pipes)

If yes, in which year was the last renovation been carried out?

Desired insurance coverage against claims of

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