What is the Claim Pro Insurance Broker?

We are primarily insurance claim managers with over 20 years’ experience and international service with our headquarter in Hamburg Germany.

Claim Pro Broker means that we are focused on handling insurance claims for you in your interest. This service is free of charge for customers and insurance contracts serviced via us. Even customers who do not have their insurance contracts yet with us, and have problems claiming can take advantage of our claim’s management service for a before agreed handling fee. The fee depends on the amount of damage or effort. We also work with a law firm in case further legal action become necessary.

We also successfully defend your interests in case of other problems with insurance. Already in the consultation, we are focused on the possible occurrence of a claim and offer insurance companies, tariffs and tested conditions in our offers, which should guarantee a smooth claim settlement.

We help you to understand the different insurance markets

We help customers from different nations, with our insurance expertise and language capabilities, to receive proper consultation for the German insurance market, but also in Europe and Asia based on our international experience in the different insurance markets.

Our Associates have all experience as experts and worked for a notable time in countries around the world, and know like that the real practice of the local insurance markets and processing.

uncomplicated advice that focuses on the insurance essentials.

We are fast, focus our advice on the essentials and make everything as straightforward as possible.

We will only submit insurance offers that are relevant to you and do not use misunderstand able insurance phrases. We do no long meetings that take your time, but do efficient implementation of your insurance needs and comprehensive service when you need it. We would like to convince you of us in the long term and underpin this with good service and forward-looking product selection.

Under a forward-looking product selection we understand that our advice and product recommended from us, in terms of performance and price ratio, will also be optimal for you in the future.

International insurance Broker service

Our international experience and our insurance network make it possible for you to cross the borders of countries with us.
You can reach us via your preferred communication channel, we offer you all common channels for this.

Developing new insurance concepts for non existing coverages

We do more than just standard, and are happy to develop new insurance concepts for you, and look forward to your inquiries for special risks, as we like to be challenged and are happy if our customers get their insurance solution via us.

Via our access to different local insurance and the Lloyds market, we can offer more than the usual insurance solution.