Mandatory Statutory Health insurance in Germany for Visa permit

In Germany the Statutory Health insurance is mandatory

But there are different options regarding of the estimated period of staying and which visa-status you are on.

If you come here for work and have an employer, you can choose in the first three months if you want to join the public health insurance system or the private health insurance system via one of their providers.

We as Sicher Sicher GmbH offer you both options and consult your which way is best suiting for your needs while you are in Germany. Its is recommended to get advice before you decide since you will be bounded legally into that decision and can only change via a few reasons and mostly not before 12 months or 2 years depending on the contract period you have chosen.

Even in the public insurance there are several providers who differentiate each other which can mean serious impact for you if it comes to service, compensation, insurance fee´s or getting a doctor appointment.

As an insurance broker, which other services in many countries in the EU we also are aware of the traveling coverage which usually is not included, since our international clients, like to travel while being in Europe.

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