Mandatory Statutory Health insurance in Germany for Visa permit

In Germany, compulsory health insurance is mandatory, but there are different options regarding the estimated period of stay and which visa status you are on.

If you come to Germany from outside the European Union (EU) for work and have an employer, you can choose in the first three months if you want to join the public health insurance system or the private health insurance system via one of their providers.

We, as Sicher Sicher GmbH, offer you both options and consult you on which way is best suited to your needs while you are in Germany. It is recommended to get a consultation before you make your final decision, since you will be legally bound to that decision and can only change from private or public insurance or the other way around in case of very few reasons, mostly not before 12 months or 2 years depending on the contract period you have chosen.

Even in public insurance, there are several providers who differentiate from each other, which can have an impact on you if it comes to service, compensation, insurance fees, or getting a doctor’s appointment. If you earn in the year 2024 annually 62,100 €, you pay for the public health insurance with a 16.3% fee rate and 3.4% for the care insurance, for example, a total of 1,019.47 € insurance fee per month. If you are single and have an annual income of minimum 69,300 €, you can check if private health insurance in Germany might be more economical as well as more beneficial based on the coverage and to get faster doctor appointments.

For families and couples, public health insurance in Germany can be economical if only one member of the family has an income, since the other family members can be insured without an extra fee if none of them earn more than 505 € per month. As soon as one member has an income of 505.01 €, he or she needs to have his or her own insurance. As you see, there are many factors to consider before making the final decision. After analyzing and understanding your individual situation and expectations for health insurance coverage, we will guide and advise you through the offers of the German health insurance market.

As an insurance broker who offers insurance and consulting services in many countries in the EU, we are also aware of the travel coverage, which is usually not included, since our international clients like to travel while in Europe.

We would also recommend, during your stay in Germany, that you point out the mandatory car insurance. And which are not mandatory insurance but can become based on our experience, the private liability insurance and the penal & law insurance, both very economical-based, especially in case of a claim.

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