Corporate lawyer insurance in Germany from English speaking experts

Lawyer insurance covers your legal expense while a dispute in- and outside the courtroom.

Disputes in various areas, which are resolved with legal assistance and ultimately often before the judge, are not uncommon. The financial burden of litigation should not be underestimated, because the amount in dispute can be high and drag on until a final judgment has been reached. Until then, the costs are only in advance. This legal protection insurance can also be used against insurance companies that refuse to payout claim payments or other contractual agreements.

The risk of getting into a legal dispute has become quite high these days. Dealing with customers, suppliers but also with social insurance institutions, other organizations and authorities can lead to legal disputes and these are sometimes associated with high costs and trouble.

What does the legal expenses insurance or the lawyer insurance cover?

The lawyer insurance is basically not a single insurance contract, but a combination of different, separate legal covers that corporates can protect themselves against the financial consequences of legal disputes within the scope of their risks worldwide.

The Corporate Lawyer insurance cover relate to various service areas such as contract law, labor law, traffic law, damage compensation law, data protection, anti-discrimination legal protection, internet legal protection and claims management and offer a comprehensive package of litigation protection.

Contractual legal disputes can be covered in the corporate lawyer insurance

This is a very important coverage for Companies, since most legal disputes are based on business contracts and agreements which should be covered in the lawyer insurance. The “real contract lawyer coverage” includes disputes with supplier, clients and business consultants like tax advisors, accounting services and also with lawyers itself. This coverage is in case of a claim and legal dispute quickly from economical point of view very beneficial, since the cost of a legal dispute can go also in Germany easily in the thousands and ten-thousands. We recommend to ask us to include and exclude this contract law coverage for companies in our offers, so you can see the difference in the insurance fee and benefits.

Corporate legal expenses insurance benefits

The Lawyer insurance mainly covers the payment of legal fees, the costs for experts and the payment of court fees. The effectiveness of the corporate lawyer insurance is measured on the basis of the sum insured, because this indicates the maximum performance of the insurer in the event of a legal claim case and should therefore fitting to the individual risk of each company.

We recommend every company in Germany to consider, next to the correct Corporate liability insurance, to have a corporate lawyer insurance, since the services are not only in case of a dispute with a third party or employee to feel. Most coprorate lawyer isnurances offer extra services like online contract check, legal Website check, Legal writing and contract templates in German.

But especially the 24/7 Lawyer Hot-line service, which you can dial and use without any extra cost to get a first legal advice, is for corporates who are not familiar with the German legal system a great insurance benefit. Also the debt collection service which is offerd from some lawyer insurance companies is for young start up companies very useful.

Legal dispute with employee’s

As companies are growing, they need to hire staff, which is in most and best case helping to scale up the business even more. But sometimes things go sideways and the good employee goes legally against the company. In Germany employees are well protected if oit comes to legal disputes with their Employer, since they can apply the coverage of the legal expenses at the labour court. A Company in Germany cannot do so, and have to bare all legal expenses themselves, plus the risk of losing and paying also the legal expenses of their employee and his lawyer. It is therefore advised to have this coverage included in the corporate lawyer insurance, to reduce the risks of legal expenses.

Private lawyer insurance can be included for the managing director and his or her family in the coverage.

The general corporate sector is mandatory to select, the other coverages can be selected individually according to personal needs.
A special waiting period may apply for certain risks, and existing legal issues are not covered by penal & law insurance. 
The deductible does not apply to legal advice over the insurer's own legal phone consulting or online contract checks for private consumer contracts. 
If it is a new business, please enter your projected turnover for the current fiscal year.
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