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We offer insurance solutions of the whole insurance market including the Lloyd’s syndicates. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience in handling claims. As our Client you benefit from our international experience and network which will make also for small- and medium business it possible to do business with the whole world. We always offer the best suitable products in the market with the most economical fee available for your risks.

The “classic” professional liability arises if one has inflicted financial loss on another through his professional activity. It is therefore also referred to as financial loss liability. Professional liability insurance ideally covers all employees of a company and steps in if third parties are harmed – for example due to common errors. These include:

• Advice error

• Review error

• estimation error

• calculation errors

• measurement error

• swap

• Loss

• Analysis Error

• instruction error

Professional liability insurance can be mandatory

For some professional groups, professional liability insurance is even compulsory. Namely for those whose work relates to the assets of third parties. Examples include: Lawyers, tax consultants, notaries, insurance intermediaries, engineers, architects, pension consultants and auditors.

People with medical and teaching professions, such as Doctors, physiotherapists, physiotherapists, naturopaths and teachers must have professional liability insurance in order to be able to work at all. Medical liability and hospital liability insurance belong to these compulsory insurances, without which an approval for the activity is not possible.

Some contractors – larger companies, for example – also require other service providers, such as consultants, to provide proof of professional liability insurance. A good idea, because if you advise a corporation incorrectly as a freelancer, this can result in dizzying amounts of claims payments.

We insure everything for engineers, architects and also medical professionals.

We offer special engineering insurance and architect insurance of all kinds, especially in the areas of aviation, civil engineering and civil engineering, landscaping and gardening, oil and gas (on and offshore), we have extensive experience with property and project-related insurance.

Among general risks, we insure engineers and architects in the following special areas:

• Mechanical and plant engineering

• Engineers for the environment and waste disposal Engineers for renewable energies (wind farms, geothermal energy, biogas plants, etc.)

• Engineers for fossil energies

• Property developer, general contractor / general contractor

• Building supervisor according to §34 c GewO

• Bridges over 25m span

• Building material suppliers

• Gas stations with / without tank systems

• Airport construction

• landfills, sewage treatment plants

• Special civil engineering

• Motorways / rail systems

• Tunnel, tunnel and subway construction

• Dyke / dam construction, construction of dams, flood retention basins

• Intermediate or relocation / collection points for waste or valuable materials

• Port and shipbuilding

• Underground car park construction

Receive offers for the professional liability insurance

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