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Loan or credit – both terms are usually used synonymously in everyday language and mean the same thing: a money loan. With a loan, you can fulfill your wishes if your currently available financial resources are insufficient. Loans come in different versions and for a wide variety of purposes. To find a particularly low-cost loan, use the loan comparison Sicher Sicher GmbH.

The essentials of a loan in brief

• Credit is the umbrella term for loans and other forms of financing. The term loan is a sub-form of credit.

• Colloquially, loans with a long term and higher sums are often referred to as loans. For example, as part of a real estate loan

• Loans can be divided into different types of loans, which differ based on the payment methods

With the variety of loan offers on the market, it can be difficult to find the most suitable offer at the best interest rate. Sicher Sicher GmbH will help you. Find the best loan from over 80 providers quickly and securely. On request, our competent advisors will accompany you from the comparison to the payment and will be at your side with their expertise and advice.

1. Loans / credit comparisons

To find an offer, use the respective form on the respective credit page of our website. First enter the desired loan amount, term, and purpose. Information such as income and occupation is also required in order to receive an offer that is as suitable as possible.

2. Receive loan / credit offer

You will receive the three best offers from us according to the terms and conditions. We advise you comprehensively on other aspects, such as the possibility of a free special repayment and safeguards.

3. Get the credit / loan money paid off

So that you receive your money as quickly as possible, you usually have the option of legitimizing yourself with most product providers with Post Ident and digitally signing the loan agreement or sending it to us. Of course, the classic route is also available to you. As soon as all documents have been submitted in full and the bank has approved your application, you will receive the amount paid out to your account as soon as possible.

Requirements for a loan / credit in Germany

To get a loan in Germany, you must meet certain requirements. Banks are obliged to check your creditworthiness (solvency / creditworthiness). To be considered creditworthy, you must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity.

The credit check includes the analysis and evaluation of your creditworthiness. For the product providers to comply with the legal regulations and to check the creditworthiness, they often request the following documents:

• an identification document (identity card or passport)

• Proof of income for the last three months

• an employment contract

• Evidence of regular payment obligations

• Income tax assessment (s)

Getting a proposal for a loan / credit in Germany

To get a suitable proposal for a private loan or credit requires sensitive information from you. We assure you to handle this given information with most good care and will strictly fulfill the data protection law of Germany. Without the information we may not be able to give you an offer or the given interest rate might be higher.

Please fill in the information in the Form. We will send you via Email the offers and possibilities:

If you have a residence permit, the credit period cannot be chosen longer than that of your currently valid residence permit date.
If you have already calculated a maximum personal rate for the repayment, please enter it here. If the desired rate is not suiting with your applied credit amount, you will receive the offers for the requested loan amount and one with your desired monthly rate for your personal decission.
Please enter all income here that you can prove in the form of documents (bank statements, pay slips, etc.).
Please state your name as stated in your passport.
Information required for the credibility check, so you will only receive offers for which a preliminary credit check has already been carried out. You will only receive the loan agreement and approval after submitting all documents and identifying yourself.
Information required for credibiliaty check, if applicable.
We need this information in order to create individual offers for you that fit your household costs.
Describe further monthly costs for calculating your household costs in relation to the requested loan amount!
If you are employed, we will need this information latest for making and final check to receive the loan agreement.
Sollten Sie im angestellten Verhältnis sein und nach Angebotserstellung den Kreditvertrag umgehend zu erhalten, benötigen wir dann diese Angaben.
We will send the offers and communication via Email for your request of the loan.
Please give us brief details about your credit request!
Klicke oder ziehe Dateien in diesen Bereich zum Hochladen. Du kannst bis zu 3 Dateien hochladen.
To check the legality of the request, we need a copy of the ID with the front and back. In the case of foreign documents, the passport and the residence permit will be needed with the front and back.
Klicke oder ziehe Dateien in diesen Bereich zum Hochladen. Du kannst bis zu 3 Dateien hochladen.
To check your given data in case you are employed.
Klicke oder ziehe Dateien in diesen Bereich zum Hochladen. Du kannst bis zu 20 Dateien hochladen.
Please submit these unredacted bank statements of all your bankaccounts to check the household costs and income.
Please inform us of the IBAN on which the payment of the requested loan amount is to be transferred. Please note that only accounts in the name of the borrower are permitted for this.
Please take note of the data protection declaration via We will explain to you to what extent we need your consent by sending the form and in which cases you have the right to revoke your consent regarding the use of data. By submitting the form, you consent to the data processing described there.
What role does my credit rating play in the loan comparison?

In the context of a credit comparison, the creditworthiness plays a decisive role. As already mentioned, credit institutions are required by law to check the creditworthiness of their customers. The legislator prescribes this test so that customers do not become over-indebted, and lenders and lenders do not conclude too risky transactions. A positive credit rating ensures that you are offered attractive loans with very favorable terms.

Providing personal information about the loan / lending

For credit checks, lenders and lenders need some personal information. Every borrower must provide personal information (name, address, place of residence, date of birth, occupation) so that the credit institution can identify them. The lender also needs data on income and regular financial obligations. Since lenders are legally obliged to determine the data, a credit or loan application is only possible with complete information.

How does my credit / loan request relate to my german SCHUFA score?

Checking the creditworthiness also includes querying the SCHUFA score. This must have a certain number of points so that your credit rating is considered sufficient. So, you can also have a negative SCHUFA entry and still be creditworthy. This only reduces your points in the SCHUFA score. A condition request does not affect your SCHUFA score and is therefore not a negative feature.

How Sicher Sicher GmbH can support you with the credit / loan

Many people take out loans these days for quick financial assistance. You can then repay this in installments and are not dependent on a one-off high investment. With the numerous credit and loan offers, it is often difficult to find the loan with the most favorable terms. A loan comparison can help you in your search, but some offers are not easy to compare due to the many different terminologies. Therefore, we compare them so that you can compare apples with apples and filter out the crucial points for you. This has also proven itself very well for our customers in the insurance sector.

From the first contact to the conclusion of the loan, you will receive a permanent contact person at Sicher Sicher GmbH and can contact him by WhatsApp or email if you have any questions. In case you are unsure whether you have chosen the right loan or if you have other questions Your contact person at Sicher Sicher GmbH will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions about the loan / credit
Should a credit comparison be carried out before every credit / loan?

It is advisable to carry out a credit comparison before taking out any credit / loan. This can save you a lot of money and find the credit / loan that suits your needs and is cheap.

Can a loan comparison help with a debt rescheduling?

If you would like to replace an existing credit / loan and reschedule it with a cheaper credit / loan, a credit comparison makes perfect sense. This enables you to compare loans with particularly attractive conditions and to find the offer that is tailored to your needs.

How do I correctly assess my creditworthiness before a loan comparison?

Each customer can assess or check his own creditworthiness before a credit comparison. With the credit report from SCHUFA, you can request your SCHUFA score and be sure that you have sufficient creditworthiness for the loan.

Why does the loan comparison only make sense based on the annual percentage rate?

If you want to carry out a loan comparison, the APR should always be the relevant basis for comparison of the offers. The effective interest rate shows the total costs and fees incurred in the context of lending. This gives you an overview of the actual costs of your loan and allows you to prepare financially for the repayment.

Security and data transmission

Strict compliance with all data protection regulations is a matter of course for us, as is the strictly confidential treatment of your data. The transmission of personal data takes place exclusively via the certified SSL encryption to guarantee maximum security for your data.

Sicher Sicher offers a wide variety of credit and loan offers

The Sicher Sicher GmbH works with over 80 product partners to find a suitable loan / loan with you. You can therefore choose from a total of over 400 different loan offers.

More than 22 years of experience advise you on taking a credit / loan via Sicher Sicher GmbH

Our employees are experienced experts in the insurance and finance sector and are also there for you after the contract has been concluded and offer you advice in your interest, based on our origins as an independent insurance broker for private, commercial, industrial and specialty insurance. We are the claim pro broker. We also support you in communicating with the lender.