Industrial liability insurance

A supplier or a customer gets injured on company premises. A product defect causes damage to the property of a user. Countless situations that could trigger claims for damages by third parties can occur during day-to-day business operations. The liability insurance insures against such risks, which can protect a company’s future.

Liability insurance is essential for industrial companies. An event can occur at any time, resulting in major damage to property and/or personal injury. For manufacturers this applies particularly to the possible consequences of product defects. Companies are then confronted with claims for damages. Claims for damages could put the continued existence of a company at risk. This also applies to a product recall intended to avoid further damage or injury. Sicher Sicher GmbH – Claim pro insurance broker provides supplementary insurance to cover any product recall costs incurred.

Scope of Sicher Sicher GmbH – Claim pro insurance broker services at a glance
Public liability and product liability insurance

Insures against personal injury and damage to property up to an agreed sum. The Sicher Sicher GmbH handles validation of claims for damages and ensures that valid claims are settled as your mandated Claim pro insurance broker.

Ascertainment of insurance cover requirements based on a company’s specific risk situation.

Provision of information to enable the client to manage their risks. As part of a joint risk analysis, priorities are set and the client’s exposure to various risks is identified. We apply proprietary risk tools and expert systems for the purpose of further investigation purposes. We also utilize the know-how of our hands-on experts.

What Sicher Sicher GmbH – Claim pro insurance broker offers
  • Professional, real-world know-how
  • The Sicher Sicher GmbH has acknowledged expertise in providing guidance for and managing liability claims, settlement discussions and mediation processes.
  • Globally consistent liability cover and compliance
  • International insurance programmes that factor in the specifics and requirements of individual countries provide global insurance cover for a company’s worldwide business activities.
  • Claims management
  • Expert assistance in the event of major claims

Sicher Sicher GmbH – Claim pro insurance Broker and its associates has many years of international claims adjusting and settlement experience, including in highly litigious environments such as the USA, and especially Asia. Major international claims are managed and settled by multilingual in-house liability experts in collaboration with local licensed lawyers. Sicher Sicher GmbH partners with a network of experts to analyse and evaluate such claims. In the event of a claim, policyholders can rely on our proven single-source international claims management system.

  • Liability risk management
  • The mix of various instruments
  • Risk tools
  • Sector-specific tools and expert systems enable systematic risk analysis to be performed. Continuous market observation, wide-ranging claims experience and sector expertise all lay the foundations for the appropriate risk-assessment standards to which we work.
  • Network of experts

In particularly complex risk situations, we decide how best to use our in-house and external experts. Hands-on specialists from all major scientific and research disciplines examine the clients’ specific risks.

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