What is important about an insurance? 

That the insurer pays when a claim happens. But is it always that simple and easy? No, it is not. Either you have been advised of the wrong insurance or the claim is not covered, etc. How do you avoid that?

There are 3 important points Sicher Sicher takes care of your insurances.

  1. most suitable coverage
  2. an economical premium
  3. professional claim handling service

Starting with consulting and selecting insurance products that are most suitable for your needs and with an economical premium. We offer insurance solutions from the whole European insurance market, including Lloyd’s Syndicates.

Now, you have proper coverage via us. But the insurer does not reimburse the claim payment automatically. Imagine, you have a claim involving third parties who do not speak English. Handling claims is not everyone’s daily matter. Anyway, life matters are already more than enough. Sicher Sicher clients benefit from our professional claim handling service free of charge.

Our team members qualifications are: 

  • Bachelor of Insurance & Finance  
  • Associate Commercial Insurance Underwriter

Service languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Korean

We offer service in the following insurance categories, and so on.

Sicher Sicher is the licensed insurance broker in: 

Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Malta. Sicher Sicher insurance broker service in 150 countries worldwide through our network. 

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