Car insurance in Germany with expert claim service

Car insurance coverages

The following insurance protections can be selected based on individual preferences:

Third-party liability

It covers any damage caused by the car that leads to physical and personal injuries, property damages, or indirect financial losses to third party. The owner of a motor vehicle is responsible regardless of his or her fault under German law. The minimum insurance sum by law is 7,5 million euros for personal injury. We offer 100 million euros for car liability insurance, as common practice.

Partial comprehensive coverage

It covers the car against theft, collision with animals, glass breakage, and natural hazards.

Full comprehensive coverage

It covers the car against own-fault damages, compensation for new value on first ownership, or purchase value for used cars.

Driver protection

It protects driver and the passengers against loss of earnings and compensation for pain and suffering.

Roadside assistance

Breakdown and accident assistance / Removal and recovery / Help after misfueling / Vehicle storage / Hotel costs / Onward or return journey by train or rental car / Spare parts / Customs clearance or scrapping of the vehicle / Vehicle return transport / Pick-up service / Car key service / Patient repatriation / Repatriation of children / Dispatch of medicines / Arrangement of medical care / Assistance in the event of death / Towing of an electric car in the event of unintentional discharge of the battery

Protection abroad

It covers the insurance gaps caused by accidents abroad that are not your fault. Insurance coverage is provided for the first 12 weeks of a journey. There is no self-participation for international cover, which does not lead to the downgrading of the own no-claim bonus.

GAP-Cover (Guaranteed Asset Protection)

GAP cover protects the lessee or credit lessee against the financial disadvantages in the event of total loss or theft. The lessee or borrower must pay the difference in the insurance reimbursement regarding the requested amount from the creditor themselves. Depending on the remaining term, the difference can amount to several thousand euros.  GAP Cover pays the difference to lessee or borrower of these additional costs.

To get an economical quote, please fill out the following form:

Partial comprehensive insurance is recommended for vehicles that are not financed by credit or leasing and are older than 5 years. Full comprehensive insurance covers the car against own-fault damages, compensation for new value on first ownership, or purchase value for used cars.
A higher deductible reduces the premium, which applies to each claim made.
The information can be found in the current car insurance documents.
The information can be found in the current car insurance documents.
The manufacturer number is in the registration certificate part I (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I), line B under point 2.1
The model number in the registration certificate (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I), part I, line B under point 2.2
The identification number is in the registration certificate part I (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I), line E
This information is to determine whether GAP coverage is required. For credit or leasing contracts, the obligation to pay the installments after a total loss of the car remains.
In the event of a claim, the insurer used to calculate whether the annual mileage fit the actual status. In cases of false data, the insurer can make deductions from the claim payment or other contractual adjustments. 
Some insurers give discounts when there is home ownership.
Please take note of our privacy policy at In our privacy policy, it is explained in which cases you have the right to revoke your consent regarding the use of your data. By submitting this form, you consent to the use and storage of your data as described in our privacy policy.

What are the mandatory insurance sums for car insurance in Germany?

The mandatory minimum insurance sum according to § 4 PflVG (see appendix to § 4 para. 2) is 7.5 million € for personal injury, 1.22 million € for property damage, and 50,000 € (as of January 2018) for those who are neither directly nor indirectly involved in personal or property damage or related direct financial losses. 
If the amount of damage exceeds the sum insured, the injured party is liable for the gap. That means that the car owner, or driver, has to reimburse the third party in full, regardless of his maximum insurance reimbursement or personal financial status. Car liability insurance is always legally obliged to cover the cost of the injured party within the scope of the coverage. The insurer cannot be free from the duty of claim payment in the event of gross negligence but can take regress from the policyholder up to 5,000 euros per case, especially if the driver is drunk driving, unauthorized use, or hit and run. In the event of intent by the driver or insured (insurance fraud), the insurer is exempt from payment of the claim.

What does partial comprehensive insurance (Teilkasko) cover?

  • Fire or explosion
  • Theft, including burglary
  • Glass breakage
  • Damage to wiring due to a short circuit (scorching damage)
  • Animal bites on pipes and cables
  • Exposure to storms, hail, lightning, or floods. This includes damage caused by objects thrown onto or against the car by these forces of nature.

Partial comprehensive insurance does not have a no-claim bonus system (in contrast to full comprehensive insurance).

What does full comprehensive insurance (Vollkasko) cover?

  • Self-made claims (for example, while parking in your own parking lot, damaged by unknown… )
  • Reimbursement of the new value up to 36 months after registration of the car
  • Vandalism by third parties
  • Waiving of claims made by gross negligence

The 5 factors that make German car insurance fee higher or lower.

The car insurance fee depends on the vehicle type, driver age, no-claim status, the regional class in which the car is registered, and, as stated in our form. Additional factors are listed below:

  • Kilowatt/horsepower over 250 KW
  • The car has a value of over 100,000 euros.
  • the annual mileage (in kilo-meters)
  • the age of the vehicle upon registration to the policyholder
  • the age of the group of drivers; drivers under the age of 23 or 25 and later up from 55 years onwards in particular are often classified as high-risk and are therefore relevant for the amount of the premium.

By agreeing to a higher deductible (self-participation) per claim case and using a garage in the insurer network, the insurance premium can be lowered.

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