Health insurance for foreigners in Germany

How to comply with German Visa regulations?

Health insurance obligation in Germany

In Germany there is an obligation to have a health insurance for every resident without exception.

As an independent insurance broker, we offer all types of health insurance. Here too, the focus is on performance and we create an individual overview of benefits from various insurance companies and tariffs, according to your specifications.

Based on our long international experience, we know how important good performance in the health insurance sector is, whether you are undergoing treatment in Germany, as a student or a guest in Germany, and especially if you need medical care while traveling abroad.

Simple, uncomplicated acute illnesses are generally not a problem for most insurance companies in the market, but these too have limits, especially if the treatment exceeds a certain amount.

German Statutory and private health insurance in a comparison of benefits

If you have a permanent residence in Germany, statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) is usually the right option, especially if you must insure family members. Here, too, we compile a service overview of the statutory health insurance companies (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse) in Germany, tailored to your individual situation.

However, there are exceptions if you are not subject to statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse). This applies if you come to Germany as a self-employed person, as an employee above the assessment limit of compulsory insurance, as a language student or as a guest without a previous insurance period in German or European statutory health insurance.

Then you have to apply for a private health insurance. Based on your information, we will advise you whether this is the right solution for you.

Health insurance for foreigners in Germany after 5 years

There is a legal problem for foreigners who come to Germany. If you, as a student, guest or language student, decide to stay in Germany for longer than 5 years without entering into employment that is subject to social security contributions. The reason for this is that most of them previously only had a Work & Travel insurance. This is sufficient for a visa in Germany and protects against costs for acute illnesses during the stay.

If you stay in Germany for more than five years, the legislator requires so-called full health insurance within the framework of statutory or private health insurance for outpatient and inpatient cost coverage with a maximum of € 300 deductible per year, which is also eligible for employer support.

Students, language students and guests who have only insured themselves through the low Work & Travel tariffs have the problem that it is difficult for them to take out insurance for freelance or self-employed work after 5 years in Germany.

The reason for this is that Work & Travel insurance policies may not be extended after 5 years and are not recognized as pre-insurance for full private health insurance by many insurers in the market.

This can lead to penalties, calculated from the time of entry into Germany, or that it will be very difficult to find an insurance that insures you for a reasonable premium with good benefits.

We have a great deal of expertise and advise you in these difficult cases and find a solution that is beneficial for all parties.

Supplementary health insurance for people with statutory health insurance

Statutory health insurance in Germany usually pays for all standardized, medically recognized and necessary outpatient and inpatient services. In the field of dentures and additional services, such as: alternative practitioner services, acupuncture. Travel abroad and related vaccinations or chief medical treatment, the benefits are limited or not insured.

Here everyone who is legally insured in Germany can buy an additional private insurance based on their personal needs.

As an independent insurance broker, we offer all options for supplementary health insurance (Krankenzusatzversicherung). Here, too, we create individual performance overviews to help you to make a decision.

Work & Travel insurance and international health insurance for Germans and foreigners

Are you planning to stay in Germany or a country outside the EU (European Union) for no longer than 5 years and need health insurance coverage accepted by the immigration office in Germany or the destination country for a visa?

We can offer you a selection of tariffs with a wide range of prices and services.

This insurance coverage extends from services for acute illnesses to preventive examinations and pregnancy examinations and childbirth. A limited stay in the home country is also insured with many tariffs.

There is no age limit for applying this insurance through us, which means that people over 55 can also be insured.

You will receive an overview of benefits from the various insurers and contributions according to your requirements.

Travel insurance

You can insure travel health insurance with worldwide insurance protection with us as an annual contract or only for the duration of a trip.

We automatically offer you the optimal options, whether as a family insurance tariff or individual insurance per person.

Simply fill out the form and we will send you the offers accordingly.

We would be happy to provide you with offers for health insurance in various areas:

o Full private health insurance

o Statutory health insurance in Germany and the EU (European Union)

o Sick day money

o Dental Insurance

o Outpatient additional services

o Inpatient additional services

o Travel health insurance for abroad

o International health insurance with worldwide insurance protection

o Expat health insurance for work-related stays abroad

o Private and statutory health insurance for students

o Company health insurance

o Group health insurance (for companies and associations, short and long-term contracts)

For more information you can go to our special website for health insurance products for Expats Sicher Sicher to Stay.

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