Private Insurances

We offer insurance solutions of the whole insurance market including the Lloyd’s syndicates. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience in handling claims.

Our customers have aceess to the complete range of private insurances for all individual needs including specialty private risks as a licensed insurance broker in germany including international insurance programs and group contracts.

For the German market there are three insurances which are mandatory to have:
  • Health insurance (governmental or private)
  • Motor Vehicle Liability insurance (Car insurance, Motorbike insurance etc.)
  • Fire insurance for building/house owners
Additional we recommend having the following insurances if you live in Germany:
  • Private liability insurance
  • Penal & Law insurance
Why we recommend private liability and penal & law insurances?

The private liability in Germany is set in the law under § 823 of the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB), which states that everyone is liable to the damage he does to anyone person, without the limit of his own financial possibilities. That means, that if you break something which you cannot afford, you still must reimburse and pay it up until the demand is satisfied.

Small cases may be not an issue, but in comparison of the insurance fee per year, we recommend to have one which covers, while you are in Germany, which includes also the coverage of damages of the rented apartment or house. Critical are glass and electronic items rented along from the Landlord which are not covered under the private liability of the insurer. Therefor this in case these risks need to be covered by the tenant, additional coverage or a private liability insurer with terms & conditions which cover these risks is to be taken.

The Penal & law insurance covers the legal cost for the selected risks, which are in private matters in Germany the private cases including disputes with authorities, property rental contract related legal cases, traffic related legal cases and employment related legal cases. The penal & law insurance covers the costs of the own lawyer, assessments, court costs and other to the legal cases related costs. If a legal case happens the penal & law insurance is very economical.

The insurance also offers services like the telephone and online consultation from a lawyer 24/7. This is useful if you just want to know how you should deal in a particular situation, or just want to know if this what another party is doing legally correct.

For more information to each insurance or receiving offers with consultation, please go the the pages of each or contact us via the preferred channel, or use the following contact form:

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